Risk:  You have the potential for gain and the risk of loss, including not making money or losing money or time trying or investing in software, education and tools.  Success isn’t guaranteed.  But neither is waking up in the morning.  My rule of thumb is don’t spend money you can’t afford to lose.  However, I do feel the best investment over the long haul is the one you make in yourself. And increasing your own specialized knowledge skills is a vital part of that.

Investment required:  I’ve known people who started online businesses with almost nothing but grit and ingenuity. And others spend a boatload and never do anything.  There are tools like Camtasia that make life faster and easier but for almost every paid tool there is a free alternative that is pretty decent to good.  The main investment required is your brain, sweat equity and determination to succeed. Never invest money in any opportunity or training you honest-to-goodness can't afford.

Contact:  http://getyoursupport.com

Address:  My address is 11844 Bandera rd.  Suite 469, Helotes, TX   78023

That is a UPS address because I operate a home-based business.  But that is the address used for all communications with my corporation, Higher Response Marketing Inc.